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Intelligent Office Furniture

The Intelligent Office Furniture line offers over 2500 standard items, along with the ability to modify the dimension of any unit to the quarter inch. IOF has an industry leading made-to-order program of all fully assembled furniture, available in 34 finishes, 8 handle styles, with multiple metal, glass, acrylic and fabric accents. IOF lets you be unique, get what you want and call the shots.

Proudly made in North America with high quality locally sourced components. With SCS Gold™ certification use of commercial quality materials and a dedicated and experienced workforce, IOF confidently back all of their products with a lifetime warranty. They make furniture that looks great, fits, functions and stands the test of time.

IOF is Flexibility. Modify, tweak or customize any of our standard 2500 items with ease. Size, shape and design doesn’t matter! Special cut outs, going around corners, columns or creating a piece with a unique application has never been easier. Without compromise, create your ideal solution in the exact size, finish and style without paying a premium or having an extended delivery time. For a Link to the IOF website, CLICK HERE.

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