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Transform your workspace with SCENE

With a small kit of well thought-out components, Scene is an urban-inspired furniture solution which addresses the needs of the modern workforce in both private office and open plan settings. Incredibly conscious of both function and value, Scene was designed to easily adapt to the ever-changing needs of today’s workplace in an aesthetically striking fashion.

Striking aesthetic details - a kickstand support leg, architectural storage support feet and open work surface gables, thin profile glazing and sleek handle pulls, Scene delivers a strong design statement. Combine the ability to creatively contrast finishes, Scene delivers the modern office in style.

Scene invites you to unleash your creativity and truly differentiate your environment. Experiment with complementary finishes, striking contrast or simply land somewhere in between. Personalize your space with creative laminate and edge trim combinations for not only work surfaces, but storage components as well! 

Scene offers several features designed to keep the modern worker connected. Manage - Deliver power to the workspace from above or below via a power pole and keep it organized and out of sight in thoughtfully designed wire troughs. And we don’t let storage stop the flow… discreet and well-placed cut-outs in our cabinets allow cables to simply and easily pass through. Access - A smart pop-up grommet allows easy access to power and USB ports at the work surface to ensure connectivity all day long… smart phones, tablets, laptops and more!  Let Peck’s Office Plus provide you with a detail plan and discounted proposal for this dynamic product. For a link to Scene Web Pages, CLICK HERE.

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