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Training & Meeting Room Furniture

There are many variations of training tables available from a myriad of manufacturers with a host of different features.  There are Nesting Tables that have flip-up tops and casters that allow you to move the tables easily and nest them inside each other when into in use.  There are tables with T-Legs or Spider Legs.  There are many different sizes and shapes to accommodate the design that will help get the most out of your training/meeting space. Most Training tables offer a means of connecting them together so different configurations can be easily managed depending on the type of meeting or group you are hosting.  Peck’s Office Plus knows how maximize the use of your meeting/training space, and we can show you how you can set up your room in different ways to accommodate different needs or types of meetings. Let us Peck’s Office Plus help you maximize your meeting/training space, on time and within your budget.

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