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The Office Product industry has many Giant Multi-Billion dollar companies that we successfully compete with on a daily basis. People always wonder how we do it. Well, among other things, one of our most effective tools is our membership in the Independent Stationers Buying Cooperative. Here’s how Independent Stationers helps us compete:

  • We have over 400 members throughout the U.S. and in 7 foreign countries.
  • Collectively Independent Stationers members produce over $4 billion in end-user sales.
  • While our members are all independent, locally owned and community-based, our collective volume gives us the BUYING POWER to successfully compete with our Stock-Market driven Competitors. Our volume allows us to negotiate the best cost-of-goods with many of the major Office Products and Office Furniture Vendors, which in turn allows us to compete on par with these larger entities.And we do this while still remaining LOCAL and INDEPENDENT.
  • Independent Stationers, besides delivering us purchasing power, also provides Sales and Marketing Support. The group’s focus on these value-added programs and services addresses the needs of independent office products dealers, and that focus keepsIndependent Stationers members at the forefront of the industry.
  • Our Buying Cooperative helps us be price competitive on a WIDE RANGE OF PRODUCTS in DIFFERENT CATEGORIES: office supplies,school supplies, office furniture, machines and machine services, printing, computer/IT supplies, janitorial and break room supplies,safety and facility products, and a wide variety of other products and services.
  • All Independent Stationers members are financially strong in the respective markets that they serve.
  • Independent Stationers has a Regional Distribution System that allows us to bring products to market quickly, efficiently and at theright price. This gives us the power to deliver a high level of service and low prices to our local markets.

Independent Stationers

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