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Low Price Policy

Peck's Office Plus - Guaranteed LOW PRICE Policy

At Peck's we don't play any funny games with our pricing the way the Mail Order, Superstores, and Big Boxes do. Did you ever notice, for example, that these types of office supply operators tend to have different priced versions of the very same catalogs?! And, the price on-line was different from what you got on the mailer and what you saw in the store? You see, to our competitors, pricing is a numbers game to make you think they are cheaper. At Peck's giving you good prices is just part of what we do for our customers every day, and every year, and every decade. Over 100 years, and counting, actually. Proving to our Customers that we have competitive pricing is very important to us. Shop and Buy with confidence. When you come to us for our superior service, you will also get the right price. WE GUARANTEE IT.

We wouldn't have lasted this long otherwise.

Here are some particulars of our Low Price Guarantee Policy we want you to know about:

  1. This Low Price Guarantee applies to the identical product, brand name, and quantity. We will meetor beat the advertised price within 30 days of purchase, providing that the price can be verified with an advertisement, flyer or on-line. The item advertised must be in-stock.
  2. This Policy does not apply to manufacturer’s rebates, closeouts or floor samples, one-of- a-kind or limited quantity items, bonus offers, free offers, bundled products, refurbished products, going-out- of-business offers, or typographical errors.
  3. The Low Price Guarantee applies to the final cost of the item to you. Shipping & Handling Charges that may be imposed by some of our competitors are factored in when making a fair comparison.
  4. When it comes to Office Furniture this Low Price Guarantee Policy pertains to the final Delivered Price for the exact Brand and Model Number. Our delivered prices include INSIDE DELIVERY, UN-BOXING of all PRE-ASSEMBLED FURNITURE, AND PUTTING THE ITEM IN PLACE (Assembly for RTA Ready-to- Assemble Furniture, and carry furniture up or down steps requires an extra labor charge which is quoted separately– Low Price Guarantee still applies on an equal and fair basis).
  5. This Low Price Guarantee Policy applies only to business that Peck’s Office Plus competes with directly, (i.e. Staples, Office Max, Office Depot & Quill). Wholesale Clubs, Catalog Showrooms etc. are not included.

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