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Keeping Your Budget On The RIGHTTRACK                       

When was the last time you placed an order online and someone from your supplier actually contacted you to offer you additional savings or point out a potential problem with your order? If you’re like most consumers the answer is most likely “never.” RightTrack is a common sense process created by Legacy Office Solutions LLC, that provides an added layer of oversight for each line of every order that you place. Whether it’s placed online or not.

When you place an order through most online ordering sites or customer service departments, it flows straight to their fulfillment department. A RightTrack order is unlike any other. It actually re-directs to an experienced team of customer service reps dedicated to your account.

Here's how it works:

We will work with you to establish a "core" list of quality, low cost items that you use on an ongoing basic.we will lock in pricing on those items to maintain consistency. Each time you place an order, one of your team reps will evaluate each line of your order to determine:

  • Is the item that you ordered a higher priced version of an item on your core list of products? If yes, then we will get your approval to switch it to the pre-agreed upon lower priced core item.
  • If the item being ordered does not have a core equivalent, then your team member will quickly research to see if there is a less expensive alternative of equal or superior quality available and offer it to you for approval.
  • Are the quantities being ordered in line with your normal purchasing patterns? We all know how easy it is to accidentally type in an extra zero and order 100 instead of 10! Your team rep will contact you to verify the quantity. No need to receive the wrong amount and then have to waste valuable time and money making arrangements to return a mistake that could have been easily avoided with a simple phone call or email.
  • Is the product being ordered on a “restricted” list that requires pre-approval such as computer monitors and other high priced tech supplies? If yes we will contact you for authorization. This simple and quick process is designed to help your organization save money and reduce labor cost. no more having to search the internet for the lowest priced tramadol when we will do it for you. Customers who use the RightTrack Process generally realize an additional 17 – 25% reduction of actual dollars spent!

So why waste time & money? Let one of our experts show you how we can keep your budget & spending on the RightTrack! For more information or to schedule an appointment with a RightTrack specialist, contact us or click here.

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