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Space Planning

Office Furniture Space Planning - Let us come up with a design that’s right for you.

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With decades of experience, Office Space Planning and Office Design is what we do best.

  • We use State-of-the-Art SPACE PLANNING SOFTWARE to create the most efficient plan to meet your needs.
  • We provide 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional Computerized Drawings (CAD) of your Office Layout to help you VISUALIZE what your space will look like.
  • Revisions are easy to do, we will work with you until we get it right.


To create a workable floor plan, we must first consider all of the variables and requirements. Here are just SOME of the factors we consider when formulating a Space Plan:

  • Windows · Use of light and lighting · Location of electricity
  • Locations of any columns or radiators · Location and size of Copiers, Faxes, and Printers
  • Number of employees and how they work · Size requirements of each work area
  • Need for worker privacy · Need for employee interaction or teamwork · Filing needs
  • Location of bathrooms, hallways, main entrance, and exit doors.

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